4 New product development

Developing new products and reformulating existing products to meet new criteria is critical but costly and time consuming. It becomes more complex when you have extensive lists of raw materials, requirements to reduce costs, pre-existing manufacturing constraints and/or strict regulatory environments.

Our approach dramatically reduces the number of iterations required to develop the product you need by using all accumulated experimental data and knowledge. ProFormulate is a multivariate model-based approach. It starts with the qualities of your desired product and uses the model to simultaneously optimize the selection of raw materials, recipe formulations and manufacturing conditions. Your product developers are part of the team from the beginning, bringing their expertise to every step of the process.

Develop Better Products, Faster

  • Formulate novel, next-generation products offering superior performance
  • Develop new products rapidly achieving up to 90% faster development timelines
  • Achieve 20 to 40% reduction in raw material costs

Make Existing Products Better

  • Reformulate existing products with alternative materials at a lower cost
  • Improve key properties or quality attributes so they perform better
  • Replace existing raw materials with eco-friendly options
  • Change performance objectives to comply with changing regulations

The Proven ProFormulate Framework

  • Start with the qualities of your desired product and objectives i.e. minimize cost, replace materials, formulate a new product
  • Build a model using all available historical process and lab data
  • Use the model to simultaneously optimize the selection of raw materials, recipe formulations and process conditions

Srixon Golf Ball: Success at the Core

Mitsubishi Chemicals needed a high performance rubber compound but required a short, less costly development cycle than their traditional methods would allow. Using ProFormulate, ProSensus was able to analyze historical data and modelled how the selection of raw materials, formulation ratios, and process conditions impacted final properties. This model enabled Mitsubishi to simultaneously optimize raw materials, mixing ratios, and process conditions to get desired final properties.

The final reformulated compound employed a new, never before used rubber. This newly reformulated compound was manufactured 5% cheaper than the previous compound. The core of the Srixon Golf ball resulted in one of the best-selling high performance golf balls in the world. Start by applying the ProFormulate framework to one development project and quickly see how it could change the way you use historical data and knowledge to develop new products. To learn more, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..