360 Degree Surface Inspection

baleguard casestudy coverOne of the world's largest synthetic rubber producers came to ProSensus with customer-identified quality challenges. It was clear that both the human inspectors and the 2-camera inspection systems used in the company's plants weren't catching the problems.

ProSensus designed sensitive new algorithms for the rubber inspection process and, with our optics partner, installed a 6-camera system. The end result? A system that detects minute defects and foreign matter (even orange ear plugs), triggers product rejection when defects reach a predetermined threshold, and alerts operators to potential upstream issues—all while the line is still running.

Better yet, a multivariate model of the upstream process conditions against the defect levels detected by the vision system enabled the root cause of defect problems to be identified and addressed.  The vision system has become not simply a last-line-of-defence for product quality but also an active quality feedback tool for monitoring and control of the process.