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Johnson & Johnson: Seamless Data Analysis

Johnson & Johnson are already regular users of traditional statistical and data visualization tools.  They wanted to also place multivariate analysis tools at the fingertips of their team and came to ProSensus for help.



The Challenge

It can be challenging to adopt new methods for data analysis, monitoring and control. It can be even more challenging if this means that many people need to be trained in new software tools. ProSensus helped Johnson & Johnson meet this challenge by integrating multivariate analysis tools into an in-house data visualization and analysis software package that users were already familiar with.

The Results

The integration of ProSensus' state-of-the-art multivariate calculation tools into Johnson & Johnson's existing in-house software provided many benefits, including:

  • Combines benefits of existing software (for data acquisition, user interaction and data visualization) with state-of-the-art multivariate data analysis.
  • Minimizes the hurdle for users to add multivariate analysis to their existing data analysis workflow as it is embedded in an environment they are familiar with.
  • The analysis results are compatible with both the ProSensus multivariate analysis software suite and the Johnson and Johnson enterprise data architecture.


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