Dr. John F. MacGregor, ProSensus President & Founder
Multivariate Analysis - Dr John F. MacGregor, ProSensus President & Founder
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Software & Tools. See your data differently with advanced multivariate algorithms.
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Are you collecting the RIGHT data? We want to make sure you're set up for success in 2015. Don't miss our November Newsletter:

Your product quality goals for 2015 are ambitious, and whether you can deliver them will impact your business and your customers' performance. Wouldn't it be nice to know now that you'll have the right data, skills and tools when 2015 rolls around?

Give yourself peace of mind in all three areas:

Strategic Planning: Big data isn't sufficient. Read our practical guide to collecting the RIGHT data and book an appointment to discuss your data collection plan with one of our engineers.

Training Opportunities: Get some hands-on help with your next analysis project. Register now for a ProSensus course in 2015, and bring your data with you for personalized coaching.

Analysis Tools: Many of our customers like to upgrade ProMV and extend their software maintenance before year-end. Download the latest version and check your maintenance expiry.

We look forward to helping you achieve your 2015 product quality goals.



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